Friday, October 17, 2008

Face Diaper
We could've used a couple of these last night.

I can barely type because I'm so emotionally drained from this week.

Howard Stern got married last week and he has been talking about it non-fucking-stop. Who does that? So we decided to chime in. Despite the fact that it's been like a knife through our hearts, we've decided that if this union makes him happy, then it makes us hap...hap...hap..... can't type it. We'll get there. Eventually.

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In between having diarrhea of the mouth, we talked worst jobs and ditching out on them.
We also managed to play some tunes:

Love - Alone Again
Some bullshit mystery song that neither of us knew
Wreckless Eric - Reconnez Cherie
Aaron Neville - Everyday
OMD - Dreaming
Jennifer Gentle - I Do Dream You
Cindy Lauper - Good Enough
Elton John - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
Guided By Voices - Hot Freaks
Guided By Voices - I Am A Scientist
The Ramones - Do Ya Wanna Dance
Jackson 5 - Baby Give Me One More Chance
Shonen Knife - Bear Up Bison
Dinosaur Jr. - Boy With a Thorn In His Side

Next week we'll have a guest, so you won't have to hear our drivel.
Drinking with "Them"
THURSDAY 9pm - 11pm babbbyyyyyyyy..............

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brendan donnelly said...

he still won't shut the fuck up about it, dude talks about her non stop.