Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Spooktackular Extravaganza .......but also not.

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Tonight, as we awaited All Hallow's Eve (or is today actually All Hallow's Eve?...I'm confused...) we decided it was only appropriate to play a bunch of scary songs. Okay, to be fair, some weren't so scary, but just had the word "zombie," "dead," or "ghost" in the title.

We also decided, as is customary on this fine day, since there were no treats to be had, we would trick! So we perused Craigslist and found ourselves a fellow named Tim. Tim was disillusioned with the "indie scene" and looking for a lady to be his trick. He was a bit skeptical of us and wouldn't call in, but hopefully he'll be our guest next week.

Tim, don't be so shy baby.......

Our mics fucking blew my ears out, so I can't hear.
But apparently we played these songs. Not that I heard them:

The Cramps - Goo Goo Muck
Classic IV - Spooky
Magnetic Fields - Zombie Boy
The Pixies - Ed is Dead
Future Bible Heroes - I Am A Vampire
Magnetic Fields - Dead Only Quickly Decay
The Descendents - Jean is Dead
Shonen Knife - I Am A Cat
Love As Laughter - I Am A Ghost
999 - Homicide
Blondie - Attack of The Giant Ants
Brian Jonestown Massacre - When Jokers Attack
The Damned - Ballroom Blitz
ELO - Strange Magic
Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
Os Mutantes - O Suicida

Now, I SWEAR to you, the loyal and fine person who reads this blog thing, so help me Jebus, NEXT WEEK: GUEST. We are making it happen. No more bullshittin' around.

Feel free to download us on the ole archive too.


Eh said...

Great prank, dude. Tricked him good.
- Sharmayne Ters

Jeremy Bernstein said...

I am so excited for this show! I will look for that amazing cassette tape that I told you about. The one where I secretly recorded my amazing crazy 8th grade spanish teacher giving me an F in front of the whole class. Oh, did I mention that this is before I hit puberty? I sound like a 4 year old girl.