Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Drinking with Skateboarders/Crazed Morrissey Fans

Bob Mirano, Heath Kirchart, (and Tyler Schubert too!) all came in for quite a fun little time.

We learned that Bob is OBSESSED (and I do mean OBSESSED) with Morrissey. This goes very deep.
Bob Morrissey by Dine with a Cannibal.

Heath is the strong silent type who'll do the sneak attack and video tape his friends trying to get laid. Harsh much? I imagine this guy is beating off the ladies with his skateboard because he's funny too! Damnit! Handsome? Humorous? Seemingly talented at what he does? Jesus. Next you'll say he's smart....
Drinking with them by Dine with a Cannibal.

Tyler....well, Tyler got us beer and will be featured on an upcoming show for sure because he IS his own show.
Killradio by Dine with a Cannibal.

Much hilarity ensued, so I suggest you head on over to and scroll down to the "On-Demand" shows and click on "Drinking with Them" for the full effect...Studio by Dine with a Cannibal.
Morrissey by Dine with a Cannibal.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Coming Soon...

Please be sure to join us for our next show, this Thursday, starring this photogenic angel, Bob.

2746033922_9d0c658c8e.jpg mr. photogenic picture by shelbykeyser

And his lovely roommate, Heath.

Can't wait.

Thursday 9-11 p.m. PST