Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks a lot Mom!

Moms can say some seriously insane things to their daughters. We've decided to immortalize their pearls of wisdom at Thanks a lot Mom!


If you are interested in sharing some of your mom's best zingers and an elegant photo of the two of you, please email us at!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

To You & Yours


It's Thursday. We should have a guest planned. We should be doing a radio show. But guess what? We got tickets to go see Morrissey instead.

Next week, we'll be back!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Okay, we both thought it was lame and talked a lot of shit. But, we have both succumbed to Twitter and it's actually kinda fun. People and their musings are funny. And if they are retarded, you unfollow. (Like what people have done to me.)

So, if you are at all into seeing what we are up to, lurk on us.
Courtney -
Shelby -

****UPDATE*********Back to thinking Twatter is boring. Account deleted. Who knows, might get back on the bandwagon, but probably not. Sorry dudes. (It was a fun week.)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Drinking With the Buds

I mean, we do it every other night of the week, off the air. Why not invite our other-halves, Nadia and Amy, into the studio for a little Q&A, con vino? (Actually, we just ate and had some coffee.) GIRLS NIGHT!! (barf.)

Amy is in a new, budding relationship. So she showed us how she wooed her guy, and gave us sexy tips for the bedroom.

We discussed Nadia's gothic phase and how she lost her virginity to a guy with long fingernails. Amy finally explained her love of "cleansing." And, of course, we talked cellulite. (None of us have any, btw.)


We will have the show up at along with more photos very soon!

Please check out our show, this Thursday 9pm - 11pm PST on KillRadio.ORG!
You can also download our show on iTunes...FANCY!

AND...coming soon...VERY homemade stickers and T-shirts, made by myself and Court!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Drinking With a Rocket Scientist & a Geochemist

We are really stepping things up around here at Drinking With Them. Last week, our guests were two scientists from CalTech, Alejandro & Amy.

Must say, this was one of my most favorite interviews yet! Both scientists were intriguing, a barrel of laughs, like to sip on the purple stuff, and imagine this - both are single! Something is not right with this universe.

Our interview ran the gamut, but included such riveting topics as time travel, people who "buy" stars, renaissance faires (yes!), bad dates, dream guys, The Onion Personals, and the scariest thing there is to know about the universe. BBAAAAHHH!!!

Now, if any of our readers/listeners want to get in touch with our single and fascinating/non-Asperger's suffering guests, email Courtney & I at

Please shuttle on over to Drinking With Them to listen to the entire show and see more photos from the evening!

THURSDAYS 9pm - 11pm PST
You should really listen.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tomorrow: Rocket Scientists!

People, it is time to put on your thinking caps and prepare to have a mind meld. Our guests tomorrow are two rocket scientists, Alejandro Soto & Amy Hofmann. While the only scientist we're familiar with is Bill Nye, we are prepared to talk white dwarfs, the new Spock, and whether or not Steven Hawking really is the Gene Simmons of planetary science.

Please be sure to listen to KILLRADIO.ORG tomorrow night from 9pm-11pm!!
*You can also listen to past shows at*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Homelessness Is Crappy.

A little something I wrote. WARNING: it's gross.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Our guest is the creator of the blog,

(One of my faves.)

It's Miss Alexi Wasser!

She'll be taking calls and answering all of our (and your!) questions about life, love, boys, grooming techniques (she has opinions) and whatever else pops into our brains. And we'll play a few tunes too.

Be sure to listen tonight from 9pm-11pm PST to
And call 213-252-0998 with all your questions!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Drinking With Doctors

Our guests last night were two underachieving failures, named Roby & Nikunj.

Roby is a pediatric-care physician, who is (in my personal opinion) doing the Lord's work. Good man.
Roby, sadly, has to occasionally deal with infants who are victims of shaken baby syndrome.

Nikunj is a surgeon who told us one of his most memorable patients was a guy with a Snapple bottle lodged up his ass.
But seriously, the guy has operated on humans for hours on end. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do that.

We got to talking about how socially awkward doctors can be, their feelings regarding plastic surgeons, conjoined twins, women, pheromones, and physicians who get high on their own supply.

Mosey over to and listen to the entire show and check out some more photos!!

Thursdays 9-11pm PST

Friday, August 7, 2009

Drinking With a Guy in a Polyamorous Relationship!

So, last night I cracked open some Coors(lite!) and discussed the inner workings of this guy, JP's, relationship that he has with his TWO live-in girlfriends. That's a lot of PMS to deal with.


Our callers were a little drunk on Gatorhate and had no problem letting JP know that they felt he was actually... gay? Huh?
He handled the hecklers well. I think JP is just trying to ride out the fantasy of every man. Right?

He explained the rules of the relationship, the qualities of Girlfriend #1 vs. Girlfriend #2, and how now that the sexual bar has been set so high, he may never be able to live a life anything short of his own crude, poor man's Big Love. Good luck my friend!

"Swing" on over to and listen to the whole show, along with some more photos!

Don't know who our guest will be next week, but that's all part of the fun.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Drinking With Them - THE WEBSITE

Look Ma, we got ourselves a website !!

A real one!! Now you can hear our shows. (Sadly.)


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drinking With A ???

Please don't miss our show tomorrow, as our guest is a former 1%er, with plenty to say.
Was he a....

or perhaps a...

maybe he was a member of the...

or could it have been the...

I've spent some time with this guy and know to keep my mouth shut, so you should probably just listen and find out for yourself.

THURSDAY 9pm - 11pm

Check out...

Our friend, photographer

Andrew Tonkery here!

His new work is titled, The People Project. He took some photos and gave Drinking With Them a little shoutout.


Thanks dude!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Drinking with BBW Porn Starlet, Crystal Clear (Again)

We missed her, so we invited her back.
Crystal Clear!!


Crystal has a ton of fans, many of which called into the show to pay their respects to Ms. Clear. (Some even offered a bit of constructive criticism on her work.) We went through what Crystal HAS done (asphyxiation, domination, girl-on-girl, golden showers) and what she would NOT do (mmmmmm.....????).

Crystal dispelled the rumor that you have to have a big penis to pleasure a lady with a larger than life derriere. (LUKE.)

She also talked about who she is dating, doled out dating/sex adivce, and what it's like to be in "the industry" when you're a big gal. Look, we had fun. If you didn't listen, you missed out. And we're gonna try to get her to Morrissey night this month.
I'll post a link to hear the show soon.

You can find Crystal on myspace or email her at

Thursdays 9-11pm PST

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Special Request

Drinking With James Adomian

I didn't realize Tom Leykis was so adorable.

James Adomian came into our studio and took that shit over. He spent an hour doing his supreme Tom Leykis impression (Hi Dad!) and then showcased some gluttonous Merrill Shindler. The man is a special kind of genius. Take me out Kobe style.

Find out all about James at


Drinking With Them
Thursdays 9-11pm PST

Friday, May 22, 2009

Drinking With A Playwright

Two weeks ago, Ms. Kelly and her friend Janine stopped in to talk about her life as a playwright in NYC.

Seems to me that Kelly writes plays in order to cast naked dudes. Nothing wrong with that. I mean, that IS how she met her husband.


We got to talking about boys (duh) and Courtney thinks that if you want 'em funny then you've got to accept the fact you are gonna have to take 'em chubby. With the exception of the glorious and perfect Howard Stern, of course.

Drinking With Them
Thursdays 9-11pm PST
Listen, alright?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Drinking with Composers

Quite a few weeks ago we got whet with some composers. Well, technically, Charles Gooden is a GRAMMY winning composer (formerly of the Dust Bros.) and Nick Weber is a painter.
They met in college. I met them at a party.

Anyhoo, Charles has recently fallen in love. He even threw rose pedals on a bed for his special lady. Romance is not dead people!


Nick showed us his...interesting... paintings that he's done of pornography. He managed to do this by being just ever so slightly wierd. Just playin' Nicky!!! And he also played us some old answering machine messages that he's kept of women breaking plans with him. He then took these messages and made them into a catchy little diddy called, "Cancel." Making lemonade much? We got to play much of their new CD, which is pretty fucking funny, I must say. All this in between discussing Nick's penchant for yoga instructors.


Check out their new musical project, Girl Problems, at
Look at Nick's artwork at (If you like your porn done oil on canvas.)

And, as always, be sure to listen to OUR show!!
THURSDAYS 9pm - 11pm PST

Friday, April 24, 2009

Drinking with Personal Trainers

Who wants to be fat? Yeah, didn't think so. (Too bad I'm already heading down that road.) :(
So, we got some personal trainers to come in and discuss the fastest & easiest way to be skinny. Of course we also got them to talk to us about some other topics, like clients who fart whilst doing bench presses, whether they would ever date a fat girl,, and stand-up comedy. But really, who gives a shit about that stuff - just tell us how to lose weight without trying already!!!!

Justin just moved to California, wants to be a comic, is a long distance runner, and an online dater who prefers older women.

And then we have Paul - more of the philosophical trainer, if you will...
(He's the one who has a client who farts on him.) He also mentioned he has a girlfriend who is a bellydancer, so we can infer that this man definitely likes to have himself some fun...

My lovely co-host, Courtney, posing a thought-provoking question about the quickest, and easiest way to be as skinny as possible, while doing next to nothing. Can it be done??? THESE ARE THE TOUGH QUESTIONS THAT THE PUBLIC WANTS ANSWERED!!

You can check out Justin Cross at or on or on the Craigslist Casual Encounters message boards. Either/or.

Paul is a trainer at LA Fitness, so look for him there!!! I know I will!!!!

Thanks to both for coming in and getting heckled by us, it was a great time!

Thursdays 9pm -11pm
Now, without ear blistering feedback, thanks to our new producer, Nadia Bacon :)!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Drinking with Dads

Holy hell, I haven't laughed this hard in a long while. Dads. We all have or have had one. (In some form or another.) The interesting thing about being somewhat youngish and living in a city, is meeting people who share your kinda-same lifestyle, but have a kid. What the? How do they do it? How did it happen? (I mean, I know how it happened, but how did it HAPPEN?) What's it like? Do they enjoy it? How do they manage to socialize and still raise those little buggers? Oh wait, are you telling me that socializing isn't a priority? Do these guys ever regret what they got themselves into? (Am I allowed to ask that?) Or am I on some lame 2002 Planet Selfish and they are on this lovely, and very current, Planet Giveth of Thy Self to Another?

Jason Nash, 35, father of two, married man of one, and all around hilarious motherfucker laid it DOWN. He does not split butthole hairs when it comes to discussing how life is NOT better on the other side. But still, he would rather a life of misery than a life alone.

Colin Kennedy, 30, divorced dad to one, lover of love and general optimist, says he definitely hopes for a life filled with even more kids with the right lady. And despite being divorced, you're never really separated, right?

Jim Dugan also tagged along. No kids, no lady. Why was he here again? Ah yes, to heckle and remind Jason and Colin of the lives they once had.

Colin works on skate videos for DVS, so be sure check his shit out.
He has a baby to feed for chrissakes!!!!

And DEFINITELY listen to Jason's podcast: - I cannot stop.
(Or you can always find him at Bardot on the dancefloor when he isn't breastfeeding his baby.)

Thursdays 9pm - 11pm

Drinking with Bar Owners

So a couple of weeks ago we invited Caleb & Gary in to drink with us. They are the owners of Corkbar in Downtown LA.


Sooooo, these two fellas met whilst working the daily grind at an ad agency. They decided, without a drop of experience betwixt the two of 'em, to open up Corkbar. Hmm, sounds like a good idea.

We got schooled on wine. Knowing very little about that shit, I felt like the mildly retarded kid who was allowed to sit in your History class. I tried to pretend to know what was going on, but my vacant stare gave me away. (That, and the asymmetry of my gigantic domepiece.)

Also, we discussed Caleb's borderline obsession with the purple stuff, Gary's witnessing of stripper-pole antics by some tenants in the building they reside in, and their growing collection of credit cards left behind by wasted patrons. (Not mine!) And really, SO much more.

These gents even brought in wine FOR US!! Usually we're the ones supplying the good stuff. (Meaning Bud Lite.)
We learned a lot from these guys and they were great sports. Go get shitfaced at their fine establishment and tell them Shelby & Courtney sent you! Don't forget to tip.

CORKBAR on 12th/Grand in Downtown.

Drinking with Them - Every Thursday **Now with a new Producer, Miss Nadia Bacon**
9pm - 11pm

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Drinking with a man who suffers from Gender Identity Disorder.

Alright. This show was a doozy. I met Peter on a shoot I was working on and we instantly hit it off and began talking about all sorts of shit. I assumed, ignorantly so, that because he does drag, that he is gay. He corrected me, and told me of his life in the military and his wife. That pretty much 'blew my mind up' (to quote the great Wendy the Retard) and I instantly knew he had to come on the show.


As Peter explained to me, he has Gender Identity Disorder. To put it in the most basic of terms, he wakes up every morning wishing he was a girl, and wanting the body, emotions, and life that a woman would have. And he has known this since he was a boy. He was raised in Arkansas, the son of a pastor, and he hated himself for these feelings. Because of all this inner turmoil, he became a skinhead at 15 years old and even beat up a friend of his who came out to him as gay.

He eventually joined the military, got married, discovered drag, and realized that perhaps there was another self - we'll call her, "Michelle," that could help him actualize who he was truly meant to be. He might still explore that further, should he decide to make the full transition into becoming a woman.

We had a chance to play a few tunes too:

The Way - Bonnie Prince Billy
Hold On Magnolia - Songs: Ohia
Parting Gift - Fiona Apple
Hold On - John Lennon
When - Vincent Gallo
More Than This - Roxy Music
Song to Sing When I'm Lonely - John Frusciante
Lucky Charm - Jets to Brazil

It was really interesting to meet Peter and have him open up and explain as much as he could. Every question I had, he answered honestly and earnestly. I appreciate him coming on and being so open with his life!

THURSDAY 9pm - 11pm

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We met Bababooey and did the Howard Stern Superfan Roundtable. Holy Shit.

(His teeth aren't even that big you guys...)

We also met Sal & Richard, and Lisa G, and Steve Langford, and Jason Kaplan...SYSTEM OVERLOAD.


As if that weren't enough, Courtney and I then got the call to do the Superfan Roundtable Show while shopping at Barneys! It was fucking awesome. We got to talk to Ralph and Jeff the Drunk. I mean, seriously??!?!?!! I do believe that is every girl's dream come true.


So that was our rad week in NYC. Oh, I also bought an insane pair of Marni booties at the Barneys warehouse sale. Normally $1000, I got them for $200. I then proceeded to get my heart trampled on. Can you believe that shit?

Next week, I think we'll have a guest. Perhaps DJ Dougpound??? Who knows.....

Drinking With Them
Thursdays 9pm - 11pm

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drinking with Thee Cormans

We were LUCKY enough to have Thee Cormans come into our little studio to hang out with us, sip some wine and talk some trash. Though they look like human Ratfinks, they were sweet enough to bring Courtney and I t-shirts and records!! True gentlemonsters.


Now, for the juicy shit. Their names are Shaved Ape, Fagenstein, and The Creature. After not much poking and prodding, we discovered that Fagenstein puts the kink in the Thee Cormans. You see, he enjoys dripping candlewax all over his ladies. How does he figure out if his new lovers will be into this? Well it's all in the music selection! What music is that, you ask? Nick Cave, Fagenstein claims.


Shaved Ape also divulged that while assisting Fagenstein with his most recent move, he found neckties knotted to his mattress! Yowza! Some BDSM shit!

The next day I recieved a text that Fagenstein's girlfriend almost dumped him over this revealing interview. See what you get when you listen to Drinking With Them? We destroy relationships, unwittingly.


Definitely check out Thee Cormans at
And be sure to listen to Drinking With Them on Kill Radio every Thursday from 9pm-11pm!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Drinking with a BBW Pornstar

Meet Crystal Clear.
Couldn't possibly recap our conversation, but I will say this woman is the shit and I love her!!

I mean, she's large. She's in charge. (Take one look at those airbrushed jeans and that is obvious.) She just don't give a FUUUUCCCKK. She F's on camera for cash because that is what she's into and when times get rough, she'll take a job at K-Mart to make ends meet. Crystal handles it.

And you think you have it hard with boys? How would you like it if guys google searched your porno movies before you went on dates? Sure, that is all part of the package when you are a pornstar...but, c'mon dudes!! Have some class. At least pretend you don't watch porn on the first date. I don't wanna discuss that cumshot I took to my domepiece over my lovely salmon dinner at Cafe Stella. I mean, jesus, let me have a goddamn meal first, would ya? I'm starving. I was screwing all day. (I mean Crystal was.)
Drinking With Them
Thursdays 9pm - 11pm
Listen why don't ya?

Drinking with a Mortician

A couple weeks ago I got to have Daniella the Mortician in for a Sapporo and a girly chit-chat about death, mortality, true love and life aspirations. Just some real light stuff.

Phew! She shared all sorts of interesting info! Like, did you know that when some people die, they have to get an anal plug rammed inside them?? This is because some people continue to leak out all of their gross inside trash juice. Nasty!! We are a disgusting species.

Daniella also gets the deadskies ready for their last close-up and occasionally applies "sexy granny" lipstick when deemed appropriate. (AKA if the bitch was fucking HOT and looked like a fiesty one when she was alive and kicking, a la Blanche Devereaux). OH!! And Daniella also tells me, if possible, get implants before you die, as it makes an embalmer's job much easier. I'm not exactly clear on how, but I believe it has to do with the fact that as we ladies get older, our titties lose their firmness and like to move around a bit. Getting implants assists the embalmer when they are trying to get your final look together and manhandle your jugs into a bra for the last time, as they are rock solid and easier to work with.

Go to and listen to Daniella explain the world of embalming to me and also shittalk on her scam artist ex-boyfriend.

Drinking with Them - Thursdays 9pm - 11pm

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Drinking with Boosh!

Courtney was out of town, so Bob stepped in and co-hosted with me.  Aww...Bobbo....
Bob by you.

Our guest?  The debonair Boosh Clown! 
 Boosh seriously has some fucked up stories.  One in particular being when he shaved his head to look like Bozo the Clown/Larry David.  Then he had Heath punch him in the face.  WTF? 

 Dude is jacked, but dude is funny.  What can I say, it's a combo I'm drawn to.  

And Boosh's girlfriend, Anna, is an adorable little Russian nutball!!  Anna likes to beat the shit out of Boosh when it is necessary.  Like when she's driving home drunk from Teddy's.boosh..anna by you.  

Now, if you didn't listen to it already, mosey on over to and scroll down to the On-Demand Shows and click on Drinking with Them!!

Be sure to listen to our next show, Thursday 9pm-11pm!!