Monday, April 20, 2009

Drinking with Dads

Holy hell, I haven't laughed this hard in a long while. Dads. We all have or have had one. (In some form or another.) The interesting thing about being somewhat youngish and living in a city, is meeting people who share your kinda-same lifestyle, but have a kid. What the? How do they do it? How did it happen? (I mean, I know how it happened, but how did it HAPPEN?) What's it like? Do they enjoy it? How do they manage to socialize and still raise those little buggers? Oh wait, are you telling me that socializing isn't a priority? Do these guys ever regret what they got themselves into? (Am I allowed to ask that?) Or am I on some lame 2002 Planet Selfish and they are on this lovely, and very current, Planet Giveth of Thy Self to Another?

Jason Nash, 35, father of two, married man of one, and all around hilarious motherfucker laid it DOWN. He does not split butthole hairs when it comes to discussing how life is NOT better on the other side. But still, he would rather a life of misery than a life alone.

Colin Kennedy, 30, divorced dad to one, lover of love and general optimist, says he definitely hopes for a life filled with even more kids with the right lady. And despite being divorced, you're never really separated, right?

Jim Dugan also tagged along. No kids, no lady. Why was he here again? Ah yes, to heckle and remind Jason and Colin of the lives they once had.

Colin works on skate videos for DVS, so be sure check his shit out.
He has a baby to feed for chrissakes!!!!

And DEFINITELY listen to Jason's podcast: - I cannot stop.
(Or you can always find him at Bardot on the dancefloor when he isn't breastfeeding his baby.)

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