Friday, April 24, 2009

Drinking with Personal Trainers

Who wants to be fat? Yeah, didn't think so. (Too bad I'm already heading down that road.) :(
So, we got some personal trainers to come in and discuss the fastest & easiest way to be skinny. Of course we also got them to talk to us about some other topics, like clients who fart whilst doing bench presses, whether they would ever date a fat girl,, and stand-up comedy. But really, who gives a shit about that stuff - just tell us how to lose weight without trying already!!!!

Justin just moved to California, wants to be a comic, is a long distance runner, and an online dater who prefers older women.

And then we have Paul - more of the philosophical trainer, if you will...
(He's the one who has a client who farts on him.) He also mentioned he has a girlfriend who is a bellydancer, so we can infer that this man definitely likes to have himself some fun...

My lovely co-host, Courtney, posing a thought-provoking question about the quickest, and easiest way to be as skinny as possible, while doing next to nothing. Can it be done??? THESE ARE THE TOUGH QUESTIONS THAT THE PUBLIC WANTS ANSWERED!!

You can check out Justin Cross at or on or on the Craigslist Casual Encounters message boards. Either/or.

Paul is a trainer at LA Fitness, so look for him there!!! I know I will!!!!

Thanks to both for coming in and getting heckled by us, it was a great time!

Thursdays 9pm -11pm
Now, without ear blistering feedback, thanks to our new producer, Nadia Bacon :)!!


Niche Player said...

Thanks to the kind hosts and producer of "Drinking With Them" for exposing me for who I really am: a womanizer and male prostitute, whom uses running as leverage for kinky personal endeavors. Clients are flocking. ;) Thanks Guys! Had a good time for real.


Pinkhamster said...

Based on the description, I am interested in listening to your show and wish there were archived shows available on the internet. I see that the latest is available on, but it would be nice if older interviews shown on this blog were available to download for us non-Californians... Any hope of that?

drinking with them said...

Working on it.