Friday, August 7, 2009

Drinking With a Guy in a Polyamorous Relationship!

So, last night I cracked open some Coors(lite!) and discussed the inner workings of this guy, JP's, relationship that he has with his TWO live-in girlfriends. That's a lot of PMS to deal with.


Our callers were a little drunk on Gatorhate and had no problem letting JP know that they felt he was actually... gay? Huh?
He handled the hecklers well. I think JP is just trying to ride out the fantasy of every man. Right?

He explained the rules of the relationship, the qualities of Girlfriend #1 vs. Girlfriend #2, and how now that the sexual bar has been set so high, he may never be able to live a life anything short of his own crude, poor man's Big Love. Good luck my friend!

"Swing" on over to and listen to the whole show, along with some more photos!

Don't know who our guest will be next week, but that's all part of the fun.


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The Libertine said...

Love the King Missile poster in the back. Remember how sweet "Detachable Penis" was? Yeah, me neither.