Monday, October 19, 2009

Drinking With the Buds

I mean, we do it every other night of the week, off the air. Why not invite our other-halves, Nadia and Amy, into the studio for a little Q&A, con vino? (Actually, we just ate and had some coffee.) GIRLS NIGHT!! (barf.)

Amy is in a new, budding relationship. So she showed us how she wooed her guy, and gave us sexy tips for the bedroom.

We discussed Nadia's gothic phase and how she lost her virginity to a guy with long fingernails. Amy finally explained her love of "cleansing." And, of course, we talked cellulite. (None of us have any, btw.)


We will have the show up at along with more photos very soon!

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brendan donnelly said...

relapse episode soon!

(hahah my word verification for posting the comment is "phimp")

Aoife said...

It must be so cool to have your own radio show.